About the Authors

Rob Long

Rob Long is a sixth-generation Punxsutawneyian who grew up amidst the lore and magic of the world’s greatest weather predictor. After moving to Delray Beach, FL, Rob became Chair of Palm Beach County’s Soil & Water Conservation District, focusing on environmental education programs. In 2022, he received the Public Service Award from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies. Rob is now a Delray Beach City Commissioner, and is proud to serve his community!

Andrew Dolberg

Andrew Dolberg is a Florida native with a passion for using storytelling to effect change. Andrew is the founder of Champion Briefs, an education resources company that teaches students the power of public speaking, media literacy, research, and critical thinking through storytelling and debate.  Andrew is also the author of multiple classroom textbooks about speech & debate. Andrew lives outside of Fort Lauderdale, FL.